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California Guide: Living in Newport Beach


Imagine this: you open your eyes to the sound of the waves. You can stroll to the beach, get the day’s steps on,  go swimming, and maybe even surf a few waves. In the afternoon, you can shop ‘til you drop in the high-end stores throughout town.  When the sun sets, you can have your pick of fine-dining restaurants overlooking the water. Fortunately, this kind of lifestyle isn’t the stuff of idle daydreams. If you manifest it, living in Newport Beach can be the idyllic California dream you’ve always imagined.  


Newport Beach is around 44 miles south of Los Angeles. This coastal city stretches 10 miles along the shores of Orange County. With Its pristine, sandy beaches and luxury homes, Newport Beach has been called the California Riviera. Here, houses were sold at a median price of $3.2 million in February 2023, which is in keeping with the city’s top-tier reputation and exclusive amenities. In Newport Beach, there are private yacht clubs, golf courses with high-end facilities, luxury spas, fine dining restaurants, and luxury stores.  It’s no surprise that hailed the city as one of the Best Places to Visit in California. 

As you can see, living in Newport Beach is nothing short of over the top. Residents live in many of the exclusive, gated communities, while local businesses serve the heart’s desire of their  discerning community. The schools are top-tier, and the opportunities for water sports and recreation are endless.  If you’re considering moving to this gorgeous city, this is everything you need to know about living in Newport Beach, CA.


The 87-year-old ferris wheel at the Balboa Fun Zone in Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, is still in operation, offering stunning views of Newport Harbor

Newport Beach has approximately 84,792 residents. But during summer, which is the peak tourist season, the population swells to more than 100,000, with an average 20,000 to 100,000 visitors every single day. What makes all of  them flock to this city?

Is it the proximity to major parks and attractions, such as Disneyland, which is just 19 miles northeast of Newport Beach? Is it because there are just so many things to do and events to attend? Is it the gorgeous beaches? It’s probably all of these or something else entirely. All we know is that there’s a pull to Newport Beach that makes you want to stay. 

Here are just some of the reasons why you’ll love to settle down and live in Newport Beach, CA:

  1. The quality of life in Newport Beach is second to none

  2. Neighborhood information website,,  has a system of rating the cost of living in various places across the country. According to their rating system, the average cost of living in the US is 100. As for Newport Beach, the cost of living is 353.1, which is several times higher than the US average. In fact, Newport City is one of the most expensive cities in the world, according to, ranking 255th out of 9,294 cities globally, 196th out of 2,202 cities in the US, and 83rd out of 319 cities in California. 

    The major contributing factor to this is the high cost of real estate in the area. If homes in Newport Beach sold at a median price of $3.2 million  in February,  the average cost of homes across California is around $684,000. However, the price of utilities in Newport Beach is much lower than in the rest of California, at 86.3 vs. 102.4. 

    Newport Beach also has a high quality of life score according to, which is very high at  71/100. 

  3. The weather in Newport Beach is nearly always perfect 

  4. As a beachside community in California, Newport Beach is pleasantly balmy with mild weather all year round. Temperatures range anywhere from 48° to 79°. Summer highs typically range from 70°F to 72°F, while summer lows can be anywhere from 62° to 65°. It’s no surprise that the best time to visit is from July to September. It’s also during this time that the ocean is at its most comfortable temperature for swimming and other water sports and activities. 

    Meanwhile, winter temperatures can be as warm as 60° to 63° or as low as 49° to 52°. Newport beach typically receives up to 2.7 inches of rainfall each year, with the wettest days usually occurring in February. 

  5. Newport Beach neighborhood destinations are truly one-of-a-kind 

  6.  The Wedge House was built in 2022, a flawlessly designed 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath, 3,254-square-foot Contemporary stunner located in the Balboa Peninsula.See property details here.

    Newport Beach is a city with a mixed urban and suburban vibe. The neighborhoods are diverse so you can choose which area suits your needs. Here’s a quick rundown of all the gorgeous and friendly neighborhood destinations in Newport Beach, CA:

    Airport District

    The Airport District is the best place to get an idea of what living in Newport Beach is like. The John Wayne Airport offers nonstop flights to Canada, Mexico, and more than 20 cities across the country.  The airport is just 10 minutes away from the nearest beach and is surrounded by upscale hotels, such as the Hyatt Regency John Wayne Airport and Renaissance Newport Beach. There are also plenty of great dining places in the area.

    Balboa Island

    Balboa Island is a harborside community in Newport Beach. It may be small, but the island is enchanting. If you’re here for a vacation, there are plenty of vacation rental homes. But if you plan on staying permanently or buying a vacation home of your own, there are plenty of homes for sale on the island. There are also plenty of great restaurants and recreational activities you can do on the island. One of the most exciting things are whale and dolphin watching, which you can explore with the East Meets West Dolphin and Whale Cruises or the Balboa Whale Watching and Dolphin Cruises.

    Balboa Peninsula and Pier

    The Peninsula refers to the 3-mile stretch of land which features the Newport Beach harbor on one side and the beach on the other. The community is known for its bars and live music, which makes it the nightlife destination of the city. Some of the things you can enjoy at the Balboa Peninsula include surfing, seaside dining, and beach cruises. 

    Locals love this area because the beach is typically just a block or two away. 

    Balboa Village

    From beautiful beaches, iconic restaurants, water sports, shopping centers, art galleries, and other attractions, Balboa Village has it all. According to the neighborhood review website,, Balboa Peninsula, including Balboa Village, is one of the best places to live in California. The area has a dense suburban feel with lots of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The highlight of this neighborhood is The Fun Zone at Balboa Village, where you can enjoy a narrated harbor cruise and ride on the iconic ferris wheel. 

    Lido Marina/Cannery Village

    If you agree that living in Newport Beach should be chill and easygoing, the Lido Marina Village and Cannery Village are the perfect neighborhoods for you. This specific community is known for its relaxed and luxurious vibe. Some of the best places here are  the Lido House Hotel, which is just walking distance from the Lido Marina Village. You can also enjoy movie nights at the Lido Theater.  

    The Cannery Village, on the other hand, was once a familiar spot for local fishermen. Today, many of the old warehouses, canning factories, and working docks have been turned into unique restaurants, such as the Cannery Seafood of the Pacific, Bluewater Grill, and Sabatinos. 

    Fashion Island

    Fashion Island is known for its luxury boutiques, trendy cafes, and excellent restaurants. It’s basically your one-stop shop for everything – clothes, decorations, garden items, and even a new car!  If you and your friends want to de-stress after a long day, there are plenty of spas and salons all throughout the island. Beyond shopping, Fashion Island boasts a 2-acre Civic Center Park, which has picnic areas, gardens, a library, and viewing platforms of the Pacific Ocean.

    Mariners’s Mile/Westcliff

    Mariner’s Mile and Westcliff are the centers for all things automotive and nautical in Newport Beach. Want to buy the luxury car of your dreams? No problem. Thinking of looking at million-dollar yachts for sale? Just drop in on any of the luxury dealers. If you’re not buying, hire a yacht to tour the area with City Experiences and the area’s other yacht rental companies. You can also rent a gondola or a Duffy boat or learn how to sail with Newport Sailing Adventures.  

    Westcliff, on the other hand, is the place for outdoor activities on dry land. There are several trails and walking paths in the area. Enjoy a day out at the 1,000-acre Upper Newport Bay Park and the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve. 

    Newport Coast/ Crystal Cove Beach

    Newport Coast is at the southernmost tip of Newport Beach. This neighborhood is known for its highrises and other luxury urban developments. If you want to know what living luxe is like in Newport Beach, this is it. Experience the best shopping and dining experiences, and get to play golf in The Resort at Pelican Hill’s 36-hole golf course.  If you want to take a break from the ritziness and glamor of Newport Coast, you can hike and camp in Crystal Cove State Park, which has 3.5 miles of pristine coastline. Browse homes for sale in Newport Coast now

  7. Newport Beach has a thriving economy

  8. Newport Beach, CA is an affluent city with a flourishing economy, employing approximately 45,100 people. The median household income in the area was $142,463 in 2021,  while the per capita income was $105,002. 

    From 2019 to 2020, employment in Newport Beach grew by 3.2%, up from 43,800 to 45,100 employees. Most people work in management, sales, business, and finance. Also making up a considerable chunk of the local workforce are health workers, lawyers, educators, artists, and those in entertainment.

    According to, the top industries in the city include professional, scientific, and technical services, healthcare and social assistance, and finance and insurance. Meanwhile, the highest-paying industries include agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting, mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction, and finance and insurance. 

  9. Newport Beach boasts top schools

  10. Newport Beach, CA has some of the most highly rated public and private schools in the area. All in all, the city has 15 preschools, 20 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, and 7 high schools. There are 11 public district schools and 22 private schools in the area, making up 33 schools in all. The public school district is under the Newport-Mesa Unified School District with a total of 20,625 students.

    Some of the top-performing elementary schools include Eastbluff Elementary School, Roy O. Andersen Elementary School, Harbor View Elementary School, and Newport Elementary School. As for middle schools and high schools, the top performers are Corona Del Mar High School, Horace Ensign Intermediate School, and Newport Harbor High School. 

    Meanwhile, the best private schools in or near Newport Beach, CA include Sage Hill School, TVT Community Day School, St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, Pacific Academy-Irvine, and Crean Lutheran High School.

  11. Newport Beach gives you plenty of ways to get around

  12. There are plenty of ways to get around Newport Beach. Highways provide regional access to the city, such as the I-405 Freeway, SR-55 Freeway, SR-73 Freeway/Tollway, and the Coast Highway/Highway 1. 

    Parking. Worried about parking? There are plenty of paid parking spaces around the city. If you’re visiting the beaches, you can either go to the Balboa Pier Parking Lot or the Corona Del Mar Main Beach Parking Lot, depending on which beach you’re visiting. There are other additional parking lots for visitors and residents all throughout the city. 

    Car rentals. About 15 minutes away from downtown Newport Beach is the John Wayne Airport Terminal, where you would land if you flew in from other parts of the country. From the airport, you can access plenty of on-site car rentals and general car rental services. Car rentals are a must if you want to explore the city on your own terms. 

    Public transport. There are also public transport options. The city has a bus service operated by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) that serves Newport Beach, Balboa Island, and Corona Del Mar.  Shuttle, taxi, and limousine services are available via SuperShuttle/ExecuCar, Yellow Cab, and BEST-VIP Chauffeured. There are Metrolink stations and Amtrak (Southern Pacific Railroad) stations as well in nearby Santa Ana, Irvine, and Anaheim. 

    Bike rentals. Explore other ways to get around such as car and bike rentals, ride-hailing apps, or walking. Bikes are nice and leisurely. Some of the best-reviewed bike rental services include Seaside Bike Rentals and 20th Street Beach and Bikes.

    Something unique: Duffy Boats.Now, if you’re really up for fun, rent a Duffy Boat. These electric boats are a really chill way of getting around and are a huge part of Newport Beach life. They don’t require a license to operate and can accommodate up to 12 people at a time. 

  13. Newport Beach has a lot of things to do and see

  14. Kids and kids-at-heart will be thrilled to watch migrating gray whales pass through Newport Beach from December to April  

    Living the chill life in Newport Beach is anything but boring. There are so many things to do in Newport, you’ll have to live here for years and years before you can explore everything. In fact, Newport Beach has its own tourism website that lists all the activities you can enjoy, depending on which neighborhood you’re in. 

    Shop, dine, and play golf! 

    Being an affluent community with amenities galore, you can spend your time shopping, getting a spa treatment, playing at championship-level golf courses, and dining in world-class restaurants. 

    Enjoy the outdoors!

    There’s no end to the outdoor activities Newport Beach has to offer.  You can hike, bike, surf, sail, and swim. You can go on sunset cruises with your significant other, or go paddle boarding with friends. 

    Immerse yourself in arts and culture!

    The arts and culture scene in Newport Beach is the most vibrant of any community. You can go on guided art walks, wine tastings, and city tours. Want to watch a film? There’s the Lido Theater! Want to know more about the history of Newport? Visit the Balboa Island Museum or the Newport Beach Public Library! 

    There’s just as many options for live entertainment and a calendar that’s chock-full of events. You can save the dates for the following:

Go whale watching!

For another truly memorable experience, go whale watching. Gray whales make their migratory journey along Newport Beach, traveling in pods from December to April. There are also expert-led tours where you can learn more about the whales and how they behave. Some places even offer creature encounters with whales, dolphins, sea lions, and porpoises. 

Visit a park or two. . . or three!

Whether you’re visiting Newport Beach with kids or with fellow kids-at-heart, enjoy an incredible array of gardens, parks, and other spectacular attractions. Disneyland in Anaheim is just 19 miles away. In Newport Beach itself, you can visit the Sherman Library and Gardens, Ocean Alexander California, Newport Bay Conservancy, and Fun Zone Arcade and Game Room. 


Your ideal home in a beautiful beachside community shouldn’t remain a fantasy. I’m Adriana Trenev, one of the top Realtors in the US, and I’m ready to make your real estate dreams come true!  As a recognized specialist in Southern California oceanfront homes. I can help you find whatever it is you’re looking for. Whether it’s buying your next home from my Newport Beach luxury listings, or selling your high-end home in Newport Beach, let’s work together to make your real estate goals a reality. 

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