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Buying With Adriana

Experience first-class concierge care like no other.

Specializing in five-star concierge care, Adriana’s value proposition is not only in negotiating the lowest possible price and best terms on the purchase of your new home, but also in delivering a fun, first-class buying experience while finessing the myriad of transactional details behind the scenes. This allows you to focus on what’s most important – finding your dream home!

Adriana can help streamline the house hunting process and deliver on finding you a home that is ideally suited for your lifestyle and budget in an efficient, timesaving manner. There’s no need to spend every weekend, month after month, checking out every open house that looks remotely interesting. You can rely on her real-time market updates, in-depth community knowledge, comparable sales data, and access to off-market opportunities to help narrow your search, find the perfect home, and save you valuable time.

How Does She Do It? She Listens.

When it comes to a client’s wants and needs, Adriana understands the importance of being an attentive listener. She sets time aside for an initial, face-to-face consultation to learn how she can help you manifest your dreams. She will ask discerning questions and listen carefully to what’s being said, and what’s not. She will help you fine-tune your property search priorities, she will enlighten you on neighborhood market trends and she may suggest exploring communities outside your purview that match your preferences – all before the door-to-door search begins. It will then be her privilege to take you on the “Grand Tour” to find your dream home.

Adriana will personally work with you through the entire home buying process, answering all your questions and providing guidance to help you make the best possible decisions. She will negotiate for you like a tiger when it comes to getting the very best possible price and terms on your home. You will be kept informed every step of the way and all the details are handled in a streamlined fashion to make the transaction appear seamless and easy, allowing you to enjoy the experience.

“Adriana is the epitome of client focused and stays on top of all the moving parts in each transaction. From the start, she listened and was able to find the type of listings I was looking for.” - L.V.C. | Buyer


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